GoDevil with Kohler Electronic Fuel Injected Engine - Video

This is my 18' X 52" Polarcraft boat with a 29hp, 747cc, Kohler EFI engine for power. it ran 19-22 mph downstream and 16-18 mph up. We had 720 lbs in the boat, not including the battery and motor. WOT rpm was about 3500. The idle, out of the water, was 1050 rpm and in the water was 940 rpm. Idle was exceptionally smooth both loaded and unloaded. A cold start at 40 degrees F was immediate and only took a minute to warm up and smooth out. The engine is quieter than the 27hp Kohler and the throttle response is smooth and immediate, even when dumped wide open. We ran 23.42 miles on this maiden voyage and used 2.982 gallons of fuel. It's 1 or 2 mph slower than I hoped for, but I'm impressed and thrilled with the overall performance. I didn't expect to get the same speed as the 35hp Briggs and fuel economy is more important to me than speed. When Kohler offers this Delphi EFI on the 999cc engine it will be an exceptional combination for my purposes. Mid-April boating in Alaska.

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