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The video is my GoDevil with Kohler Electronic Fuel Injected Engine.

Out fishing with my GoDevil!
The bottom of the net, from seam to seam is 52 inches. I didn’t weigh or measure the fish because I had fought it for about 15 minutes and didn’t want to stress it more. We estimated it at 48 inches and close to 30 lbs. It was extremely broad across the back.
It was caught on the Nowitna river near where it enters the Yukon. It hit a #6, yellow, Blue Fox spinner with the barbs flattened. The rod was a medium heavy, custom, made by Jerry Crawford, specifically to handle pike this size. The line was 40# test Power Pro on a Revo Toro reel. The leader was made by me from titanium.
I’m glad I didn’t measure or weigh this fish because I’m sure it will increase in size each time I tell the story. LOL

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