It's Just Gas

Every year there are a few engines brought in for service because they won't start or are running poorly. Almost without exception they have one thing in common---BAD GAS. When you are done using your Go-Devil in the fall and are pickling it for its long winter nap, put some fuel stabilizer into the fuel, warm the engine up, shut it off, change the oil and oil filter, disconnect the fuel line restart it and run the engine out of gas. Put the left over fuel into your vehicle or snowblower and refill the tank in the spring. Part way through the summer put some alcohol based water absorber like "Heet" into your gas to get rid of the water that always seems to collect.

These small engines are sensitive to dirty and old fuel but if you follow these guidelines you will never know it. The last thing I want to be doing is messing with an engine when I'm 200 miles from no where and ought to be fishing.

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