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The owner of Stu's "GO-DEVIL" Outboards is a 25 year veteran of the U.S. Air Force where he specialized in aircraft maintenance. Love of boating, a degree in engineering and a lifelong interest in things mechanical prompted him to check out the Go-Devil in 1988.


Starting with his first 8 Horse Power on a 14' X 36" Jon boat he has tried dozens of boat/motor combinations. His latest boat is a 20' X 56", Lamers, Custom welded flat bottom, with the 40HP EFI Surface Drive.


He annually accumulates 175 to 300 engine running hours all around the interior of Alaska. When he quizes you about your boat and how you plan to use the Go-Devil his goal is to help you avoid the mistakes he has made and make sure your rig does what you want it to.


It is much more important to Stu that you get a boat/motor combination suited to your unique requirements than it is for him to make a sale. If he doesn't think a Go-Devil is the best choice for you, he will tell you and probably recommend something else.


Unless he is out playing on the rivers he can be reached at  (907) 388-0789, (907) 488-1884 or Don't be discouraged if you get an answering machine. Stu is probably out gaining Go-Devil experience. Leave a message and he will get back to you.

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Go-Devil Alaska
3440 Nevin Ave

North Pole, AK  99705

Phone: (907) 388-0789



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